This is the info we need from your company to open an account with us.

  1. Please, fill out all attached forms. Make sure to sign and date the bottom of all the forms.
  2. We will need copies of a driver’s license and credit card to put on file. Please note that we will need legible copies of the front and back of both items. driver’s license and credit card names must match. Scanned and emailed versions of these items are usually better quality and save you time re-faxing illegible copies.
  3. All customers default to pay at return. You can choose to pay with credit card, cash, or check.
  4. If you have insurance, we do require a copy of the Certificate of Liability listing PIX Inc as the Loss Payee. There must be a line item with “Misc Rental Equipment” with the amount covered and the deductible.
  5. We require coverage of full replacement value of items rented. If the company does not carry insurance or you choose not to send a certificate we must use a credit card for the deposit. Be advised that you will need to fill out more than one credit card authorization form if you are going to put more than one card on file. WE DO NOT accept check cards or credit cards with an ATM logo. This is NOT an acceptable card for deposit. It must be a major credit card without either logo on it. Note: if using an international card, you must pay for the rental with the same card. Otherwise, the authorization will drop off the card after a few weeks.
  6. Our accounting department does provide some clients with the option of being set up as a Net 30 account, also referred to as Billable. This kind of account requires additional forms to be filled out. NOTE: Transactions will be on COD basis until all responses to trade and banking reference inquiries are returned and the billable, net 30-day account is opened.